Sunday, August 22, 2010

The best gift

 In Greece we have two days to celebrate, birthday and name day. My name day is in August 15th and the last one was the best I ever had. I felt so special, I had almost all the people I love around me and I received many beautiful gifts - knitting related or not.

One of them really left me speechless. My dear friend Saigon gave me the Addi Click set. Yes, a whole set of intercheable needles, the set I really wanted, the one I was thinking to to write Santa a letter about next Christmas. 

Isn't it a beauty? 10 pairs of tips, 3 cables and a connector all in a luxurious black leather case. And a little pin, a gold heart with a tiny gem. Of course I casted on for a new project the next morning, a Citron with Malabrigo Lace (whichi will have another post after it is blocked and ready) and I finished it in three days. Yes, the needles are called Turbo for a reason. 

But the title of this post is not about the set. The best gift is her in my life. Her that makes me smile, her that is there to hear me whining, her that is there to support me, her that makes me loose 4 exits on the high way 'cause we are having such a great time in the car, her that her home is always open for me, her that considers me family even if we don't know each other for years, her for all the beautiful moments that will follow. My Lav, thank you for everything...


  1. ΑΧ!!!!!!
    Τις κοιταζω πολυ καιρο και τους κλεινω το ματι,
    Ειναι υπεροχες!!!!

  2. It's this thing, you know...
    Every time I am deeply touched by something, I can't speak a single word. I know I usually talk a LOT, but when I'm moved I'm speechless. Kinda like you. :-)
    I love you and I only want the best for you. You deserved that gift! Happy knitting!

    a.k.a. Saigon